“As an accomplished artist herself, Viviane curates her art tours with diversity and depth in a language that brings one to an understanding of the talent on view.” 
— Wendy K (On Art Client since 2003)
“When I finish an On Art tour I feel smarter, I feel inspired and like I just sat in on a master class in art.”  Michele B (On Art Client since 2009)
— Michele B (On Art Client since 2009)
Thank you so much for another amazing experience.  I love meeting the artists... they are so inspiring.  Your tours expands my knowledge and sparks my imagination to incorporate new ideas into my own work.  I truly enjoy your insight…Loved the class today.  What I love most about your art walks is “feeling” the artist, by how you describe their backgrounds... Thank you once again for your insight.
— Corrine (On Art client since 2008)
The visit to Steven Assael’s studio was amazing and yes in fact he is a brilliant artist! I can’t even describe the feeling I had sitting for him as he was drawing me. It was magical!
— Beatrice (On Art Client since 2006)
“I feel so lucky to be able to experience the highlights of the New York art scene with Viviane Silvera.  I see the art in a deeper way than I would on my own with the help of Viviane’s insights and fascinating stories about the artist.   And when the artist joins us - either in the gallery or in the studio -  for a very personal dialogue with Viviane – the experience gets even richer.”
— Jill (On Art Client since 2006)
“Your ears should have been ringing as I was singing your praises all day.  It was the best walk I have ever been on. I have filled in for some of my friends in other groups and joined with another docent last fall and spring so I do have a frame of reference. You will definitely see more of me.”
— Wendy (On Art Client since 2002)
That was a wonderful experience to visit The Yoda family. I am so happy that I had the chance to meet such an original, kind and inventive family.
— Joan (On Art Client since 2007)