about on art

On Art takes you behind the heavy glass doors of New York’s art world and into the intimate world of the artist from concept to execution of a masterpiece.. Our unique and carefully crafted tours, take participants on journeys from local studios to townhouse and white box galleries for an insider’s look into New York’s art world.

Viviane Silvera founded On Art in 2002 to bridge the gap between artist, artwork and art lover by translating, distilling and making accessible art that can otherwise seem out of reach.

Viviane’s unique career as filmmaker, artist and educator puts On Art at the forefront of contemporary art appreciation with dynamic tours that provide in depth knowledge of the art world as well as art-making process.

In addition to leading gallery and studio tours, Viviane hosts salons featuring films and filmmakers on art as well as curators and writers.

On Art’s relationships with exhibiting contemporary artists gives our clients exclusive access to private tours of emerging and well-known artist’s studios as participants explore a range of art from the most talked about to the yet undiscovered.

Gallery and studio tours are newly designed every two weeks so that our programming is always fresh, up-to-date and never repeated.

Programming includes tours of the up-and-coming studios and galleries in the Lower East Side and Williamsburg as well as established venues in Chelsea, 57th Street and Madison Avenue. 

Private visits take groups inside the studios and homes of New York most talked-about, as well as on-the-cusp artists.