On Art

On Art offers a series of dynamic and engaging tours from museums and galleries to artists' studios throughout New York City and Long Island. Led by artist and filmmaker Viviane Silvera, On Art gives you an insider's look into New York's art world, exploring emerging and established trends in their historical context. Guided by an artist's perspective, you will develop a nuanced understanding of contemporary art and experience New York's thriving art scene and emerging trends that will refine and enrich your own visual experience. Each neighborhood within this layered city has its own rhythm, rules and style. On Art relates the seemingly endless variety of art today within these varied enclaves to our cultural history and development.

Previous tours have included the up-and-coming studios and galleries in Harlem and Brooklyn as well as established venues in Chelsea, Madison Avenue and 57th Street. Studio visits and private talks have included today's most exciting artists including: Dana Schutz, Ghada Amer, Shazia Sikander, Nir Hod, Amy Cutler and Jane Dickson among many others.